We were commissioned by ITV to shoot the promotional campaign for their new medical thriller Malpractice. Demonstrating the idea that ‘Everyone has a breaking point', medical items are seen smashing and shattering under pressure, symbolising the extreme stress experienced by hospital staff in the NHS.

The campaign included film and still assets for TV teaser commercials, OOH, press advertising, and social channels. Our approach was to capture imagery in camera that was bold, stylised and dramatic, without the need for any CGI, and with minimal post-production and retouching. With a custom-made pneumatic press and filming on our Phantom Flex 4K, we were able to capture these disintegrations in super slow motion. For the stills, it was all about the moment immediately after impact, where the object retains its original form, but is in an obvious state of explosive failure.
Everyone has a breaking point

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