Brown Forman

Working with Southpaw, we produced the MAKE THE MOMENT MAGNIFIQUE campaign for Chambord, the French black raspberry liqueur. The target market is best described as 'The Pleasure Sipper' - those that live in the moment, who are buzzing with joie de vivre. They believe that life is for living and that every moment counts.
You add Chambord to a drink and create a Chambord moment; those unscripted, fun occasions, amongst a small group of friends that are loved, shared and remembered more than any other. The campaign invites people to add Chambord to the drink AND the occasion to make it truly "Magnifique". It excites and educates. Sumptuous product alchemy, black raspberries and sensorial product descriptors educate the audience, with fun activity from the hands which become characters in their own right. These run through all the assets from print advertising, How To Videos, and still and moving social pieces, all created in our Hammersmith studio.

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