Glenfiddich Fire & Cane

William Grant & Sons

Glenfiddich wanted to challenge their audience’s perspective of how bold a whisky can be with Fire & Cane, a new special malt whisky in their experimental series. To illustrate this, we worked with Space to create strong imagery consistent with the message: "Question convention, spark the unexpected." The campaign’s hero pieces were the main poster and 20” television commercial. They were accompanied by a variety of social media content including Facebook Canvas, Instagram Stories and Boomerangs.

The TV commercial works backwards through beautiful close-ups and special effects that end in the ‘unexpected spark’ from where Glenfiddich Fire & Cane whisky was born. It shows reverse slow motion shots of underwater smoke depicting the essence of campfire smokiness, while sugar crystallisation illustrates the toffee sweetness of the whisky. The social media content includes more stunning shots of the elements that make up Fire & Cane Whisky, while the main poster emphasizes the boldness at the core of the campaign.


Outdoor Poster

Print Advertising

Facebook Canvas

Instagram Stories