English National Opera

To accompany their production of Aida, the English National Opera wanted strong visuals to captivate new audiences and connect with existing opera aficionados. Rose commissioned us to create various marketing materials. The hero piece was a still image including used for promotional posters, the opera’s programme and website, and was followed by a 30” cinema commercial.

Aida is a tragic love story of a princess and military commander and their struggle to decide between love and country. This polarity of choice is reflected in the minimalism of the set and the subsequent concept for the marketing imagery shot by Jonathan. A singular shaft of light and the triangles symbolise the Egyptian setting. The imagery also establishes the perfect visual metaphor of the light and darkness of Aida’s heart-wrenching journey, she and her lover ultimately awaiting their death in the single tomb they share.

Our campaign contributed to attracting the largest audience to an English National Opera Autumn production in four years. In addition to avid opera fans, 44% of Aida’s audience were first time opera goers.

30" Cinema Commercial