It was good news when we found out Jonathan would be working with Zip Design on the new Black Sabbath album cover. 13 is Black Sabbath’s first studio album for 35 years.


The concept is iconic, and it was felt by all the team that the best way to achieve it was ‘for real’. Shooting in late February, we decamped to a farm in North Buckinghamshire. We were very lucky to have a clear sunny day, though the temperatures were close to zero. The crew were all very glad when, at last, the fire was lit for a bit of warmth.


It has also been great to see the filming Jonathan did on set has now almost reached 500,000 views on youtube!


The single ‘God is Dead’ is out today (19th April), and we are now looking forward to the main release along with deluxe versions and special edition box sets on 10th June.


The creative director was Neil Bowen, and the designer was Nick Dart. Post-production was by Gareth Pritchard.