Saturate Your Senses

Created in 2 countries over 11 days, with 18 models, 2 stylists, 2 hair and make-up artists, one food stylist, one drinks stylist, 2 assistants, 3 Red cameras, a cinematic robot and 4K Phantom. Jonathan presents his latest award winning project titled Saturate Your Senses, a teaser campaign for a sensually saturating Edinburgh experience like...

Lady Justices of Gray’s Inn

Last year we had the wonderful opportunity to photograph four Lady Justices of Appeal, Sarah Asplin, Nicola Davies, Anne Rafferty and Vivien Rose, who are members of the Governing Body of the Inn. ⠀ It was highly unusual that four of the eight female Justices of the Court of Appeal should come from one Inn,...

Was Ist Los?

Jonathan is the most recent cover star of Austrian magazine ‘Was Ist Los?’ Translated, the cover line reads ‘The British Photographer who is one of the Best Photographers in the World’ Thankyou to OÖNachrichten for this wonderful honour Read more

Stuff It

Jonathan collaborated with art director Lauren Catten to create this visceral collection of images, focusing on food and the way people interact with it in modern day life.  


In collaboration with art director Lauren Catten, Jonathan has produced a series of images, loosely based on the works of Gerhard Richter, which have a beautiful, subtle delicate energy to them. Entitled Smudged, Jonathan has worked with a variety of different expressions and lighting to give the series depth and versatility, creating all the effects...

Golden Beauty

For this beautiful ‘Golden Beauty’ editorial Jonathan worked with long-term collaborator, make-up artist, Marco Antonio. Looking at notions of desire and the sensual world to which the consumer journeys when using Dior products. Together they have created this luxurious set of beauty images, a fantastic addition to Jonathan’s established Beauty Portfolio. Editor in Chief –...


This portrait was taken of Luxure’s Editor in Chief, Reggie Ansah using Jonathan’s light painting technique. Using his mastery of a moving light source, Jonathan has created this moody, yet pin sharp, portrait.


Shimmer is beauty story Jonathan worked on with make-up artist Laura Hunt and Storm model Barbra-Lee Grant. Looking at the shimmering quality of metallic make-up in contrast with Barbra-Lee’s stunning Jamaican skin, they have created these dark, yet vibrant images. Laura used pigment colours by Pat McGrath. Make-up – Laura hunt Storm model – Barbara-Lee...

Walworth Heroes

A photography exhibition by Jonathan Knowles 22nd April 2016 – 23rd April 2016 Pembroke House, 80 Tatum Street, London, SE17 1QR   The Project Walworth Heroes is a celebration of the individuals that make up one of London’s many diverse neighbourhoods. Last year Jonathan bumped in to his old school friend David, now Rev’d David...

Inner Glow

For this beautiful ‘Inner Glow’ editorial Jonathan worked with long-term collaborator, make-up artist, Marco Antonio.   Together they have created sensual set of beauty images, a fantastic addition to Jonathan’s established Beauty Portfolio.

Fei Lui

Fei Lui a British trained jewellery designer is quickly gaining an international reputation with his effortlessly wearable couture pieces. Using unusual combinations of colour, texture and materials, his fine jewellery is sculptural, yet delicate and elegantly bold.   In conjunction with Luxure’s Editor in Chief Reggie Ansah, Jonathan has created a series of light painted...


Working with make-up artist Laura Hunt and model Brigitta from Next Models, Jonathan has produced this set of images, based on the iconic style and look of the 60s model, Twiggy. Make-up artist – Laura Hunt Model – Brigitta – Next Models

Polaroid Beauty

Inspired by the Impossible Project Jonathan has been reawakening his love of Polaroid, leading him to do some fantastic experiments in the studio. In this beauty story for Luxure Magazine Jonathan decided the look and feel created by processing real Polaroids lent the perfect retro feel to the shoot. Art Director – Shivani Lal Make-up...

Men’s Make-up

99 times out of 100, when we’re approached about beauty shoots, they involve female models.
 We understand why of course. It’s consumer driven, but every now and then we like to challenge perception and break from the norm. Armed with a case of bold lipsticks and eye shadows, we set make-up artist Caroline Sims to...


Infatuation is a beauty shoot Jonathan photographed for Luxure Magazine. He has taken the ideas of reflections and distortion through glass to help shape his most recent beauty shoot for Luxure. Art Director – Shivani Lal Make-up Artist – Marco Antonio Nail Stylist – Veronica Butenko Hair Stylist – Jennie Roberts Model – Alexandra Martynova

Testing the New Sony Xperia Z5 Phone Camera

Sony Mobile have recently released a new phone with a 23 mega pixel camera, boasting 0.03 second hybrid auto focus and a 5x sharper zoom.  Jonathan was asked to put these claims to the test. Using only the Xperia Z5 phone camera and no retouching, Jonathan spent two days in the studio covering a range...


Creating illusions using mirrors, is one of Jonathan’s many photographic tricks. This particular project works on combining beauty and mirrors, to create a kaleidoscopic image. Art Director – Lauren Catten Hair Stylist – Robert Frampton Make-up Artist- Karen Mason


This image was the front cover of Luxure Magazine’s issue 22, ‘Technology’.   Jonathan and Luxure’s Fashion Editor, Shivani Lal, worked closely to create an image that was both stylish and beautiful yet linked strongly to the issue’s theme of technology. The result was this beautiful photograph of what could easily a bioengineered or biorobotic...

Land of the Limbs – Hogarth

On a recent collaboration with Getty Images, Jonathan created an incredible and very Hogarth-esque photograph. This tangle of models is part of a larger project, Land of the Limbs which can be seen under the People section on the website.


We can’t quite believe it has been a full year since we shot our #Bagsie portraits.   The Project sought out the talents and personal interpretations of ten artists, asking each to draw/paint/create a self-portrait on a paper bag that reflects the personality within. It was fantastic working with such a great group of talented...

One Eyeland Photographer of the Year 2014

We were very excited to hear Jonathan had been named One Eyeland Photographer of the Year. Not only this, but he managed to scoop four Silver awards; winning with campaigns for Vision Express, Sun Crime Stories, personal project #Bagsie and Reindeer, our recent Christmas card. Thanks One Eyeland judges!