A photography exhibition by Jonathan Knowles
22nd April 2016 – 23rd April 2016

Pembroke House,
80 Tatum Street,
SE17 1QR


The Project

Walworth Heroes is a celebration of the individuals that make up one of London’s many diverse
Last year Jonathan bumped in to his old school friend David, now Rev’d David Evans, at a reunion. In between swapping life stories they started chatting about the way London is often portrayed in photographs,especially South East London, with the focus being on the urban aesthetic instead of the great individuals that live there.
Working from a parish in Walworth, South East London, David Evans sees the rich tapestry of characters that make up his community. He shared a photograph with Jonathan of the Mothers’ Union in their fantastic outfits, and this made Jonathan think it was time to show this community’s heroes.


What do you love about the Walworth area?

Wanting to capture the thoughts and feelings of this incredible community, Jonathan brought a chalkboard along to the shoot and invited all the sitters to write down their thoughts on what they love about the Walworth area.