As Jonathan ventures into the exciting world of moving image, he shares his top five tips for creating a great video project:

1. Idea – Every successful project starts with a great idea. The best ideas are usually the simplest ones.
2. Research – This is key to see if an idea has ‘legs’. In our case, we spent a day at our local brewery drinking free beer whilst researching for The Art of Brewing
3. Storyboard – Preparation is essential. Plan the film frame by frame to avoid a lack of structure.
4. Testing – Set up some of the key shots, and see if they work as you intend to avoid any nasty surprises on the shoot day. In film projects, we often do these as stills to test the lighting and composition.
5. Team – Don’t try and do everything alone. Collaborate with others who inspire you. Get the right people, doing the right jobs.
Most importantly, enjoy the uncertainty of the creative process and learn continually.