Valley of Vinyl


Vinyl. The most tangible, tactile music format.


Vinyl sales globally have been on a steady rise for the last number of years, with more music enthusiasts opting into vinyl records. We wanted to tap into this market of music lovers, who are discovering the joys of music experienced on the oldest format. There is a unique physicality to the vinyl format, and we wanted to capture this also in our work.


If you look at the grooves of a vinyl record through a microscope you will see these valleys of sound, where the music is actually a physical landscape. Each and every song has a completely different valley, like a musical fingerprint. To bring to life our endline “DISCOVER THE WORLD OF VINYL”, for our client Dublin Vinyl, we wanted to capture in camera the exact location of specific lyrics; lyrics that happened to also be place names. We picked a number of classic songs from iconic albums available from Dublin Vinyl, and set about capturing the geography of this world in each image.